Children are the precious things of parents- But if they are orphans ?
Children are innocent and they need directions – but if they are orphans ?

Children need love & affection – But if they there is none to give them?

Children need education and emotional security- but if they are poor?

There are millions of children without parents, direction. Who needs love, affection, care and right direction.
Children need freedom & Toys but if they forced to child labor?

    You could volunteer to provide any of services possible through use of resources at your reach, which may include assisting the organisation in their efforts in educating the children as a teacher, or help towards generating employment for the educated amongst the adult children.
    You can donate clothes and other articles, for the daily use of children.
    We provide books, clothes, Medical care and educational costs to these children. We do all this with
    bulged budgets but with small donations received from some concerned donors. “ Little drops of Ocean
    make a Mighty ocean:” We thank God for them.
    You can donate personal items which are old or unused, which may of some use to the children at LFNN, these small donation make as an aid to provide better functioning of LFNN

    Donate items on our WISH LIST
    • Gift certificates for music and books
    • Art supplies
    • Tape/cd players
    • Board games
    • Holiday Gifts for Children
    Apart from donations in other forms, donation of money which is the most essential resource for any organization, which is the required for survival of any individual or association is sought at the will and wish of the donator.
    Donation for a noble cause is always worth. We make sure that every penny is used in the best possible manner to provide services for tomorrows citizens of the world.


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