LIGHT FOR NEW NEPAL is a registered non-government, non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit making, benevolent and humanitarian voluntary organization. It is based in Kathmandu affiliated with Nepal government and registered with district administration office of Kathmandu (Reg. No.693/061/62). LIGHT FOR NEW NEPAL is also affiliated with social welfare council of Nepal (SWC No.18035)Orphan, Helpless, Disable, Child labour and street children are now recognized as major social problem on Nepal. According ti the national population census of 2000, about 450 thousands between the age of 8 – 14 years are in famine of food, shelter and education opportunity.


Indicator of destitute and orphan children shows steep rise in the incident of street children in the main cities of Nepal. Caused mainly by migration from rural areas, family violence, poor economic condition of family, step mother and step father. The prevalence of child problem in Nepal is due to principally to the acute poverty and education of the people, particularly in the rural areas. The harsh living conditions and natural disasters, war, violence or crime lead to seasonal or permanent migration of families and so on cases. Children by themselves from the rural to the urban areas. The main factors effecting to children problem have been identified to poverty, social customs values and attitudes, illiteracy of parents, la ck of access to education for the children, agrarian relations, disharmony of family, diminishing family support, trafficking of girls involving decimation and victimization and inadequate of labour and criminal law and support, therefore there is an urgent need to support orphan, helpless, poor children and destitute children by proving to them with food shelter, cloth and education. LIGHT FOR NEW NEPAL has been striving to tackle the problem of destitute and orphan, helpless and poor children in Kathmandu since it s inception.



Goal of the organization

To amend poor, helpless and orphan child life style.

To stabilize gender equality.

To establish child and human rights.

To alleviate poverty.

To break the cycle of illiteracy.

To aware the girls education.

To provide the food, shelter, cloth, education and entertainment for orphan and helpless children.

To aware for orphan and helpless children family.


Objectives of the organization

To establish children home and conduct children oriented activities for the welfare and protection of orphan and helpless children.

To conduct children, education and personal hygiene awareness program.

To coordinate with another I/NGOs, GOs to meet common and objectives for child development.

To share and impart ideas and experience with each other for common purpose and social development.

To conduct scholarship program for poor children, mainly to girls.

To conduct nutrition awareness program.

To rise awareness on family planning and on contraceptives practice.

To promote family care for their children.

To conduct child rights and developments activities.

To conduct awareness program against child labour and exploitation of human beings.

To create essential environment and opportunities for physical, mental and vocational development of children.

To provide the legal support to children.


Activities of the organization

The following activities are being carried by LIGHT FOR NEW NEPAL.

LIGHT FOR NEW NEPAL has been stabilized children home Bhaktapur,   for destitute, helpless and orphan children.

LIGHT FOR NEW NEPAL has been providing shelter facilities and fooding with snacks to 14 children through children home.

LIGHT FOR NEW NEPALhas been managing and supporting to 14 children by providing cloths, stationeries, text books and bag for school education opportunities of destitute, helpless and orphan children.

LIGHT FOR NEW NEPAL has been providing monthly medical services to 14 children and 4 staff on health check up.

Volunteers of LIGHT FOR NEW NEPAL have been engaging to provide daily teaching services in the home for 14 children education and their care.


Potential or history of LIGHT FOR NEW NEPAL established date: 2005

LIGHT FOR NEW NEPAL members have been participating in child development training and seminars, which has highly enhanced a better efficiency for protection and welfare of children. LIGHT FOR NEW NEPAL is dedicated in the society for human rights and children rights and striving to eradicate poverty and illiteracy in Nepal.

LIGHT FOR NEW NEPAL has maintained documentation on NGOs in Nepal and has gained a lot of ideas and experience from other NGOs projects.LIGHT FOR NEW NEPAL working with orphan, poor, helpless and deduct children in two main sectors. One is welfare approach, another is rights approach.



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